Unlike traditional consultancies we offer affordable, short, results-driven workshops focusing on your pain area of choice. These are conducted either on-site and – if not practical – web conferencing. We draw from our 15-year experiences in innovation and product development of award-winning products to facilitate discussions. We compliment the workshops with 1:1 interviews, market & technology research, and offer you options outside the institutional assumptions of your organisation. We summarise our findings and options in a report that we review with all the client-nominated stakeholders.

Review & Audit what matters Affordable Solutions when Analysis Paralysis or more of the same don’t work

Innovation Auditinnovation

Our Innovation Audit looks at your business strategy and performance, the type of problems you solve for your customers, the markets you operate in and use them as the terms of reference to evaluate your product & services portfolio.
We identify and discuss with you potential innovation deficit and its cost, broader trends in your market place and propose areas of innovation highlighting opportunities, costs, risks, and benefits.

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Product Strategy Reviewproduct strategy

Is your product strategy in line with your business targets? We use the pragmatic product management approach to review your product vision,strategy, and roadmap and relate it to what your competitors are doing, sales performance, customer requirements, marketing and analyst demands. We help you prioritise and plan development & operational capacity to reflect your priorities.

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Product Development Auditproduct development

We look at your organization, roles, & culture, resourcing strategy, processes, QA, release management, planning, backlog & time to market, best practices & architecture and connect them to your objectives. We are strong proponents of Agile but with experience in PRINCE2, Lean/Khanban, & RUP we give you choice and explain their implications for you. We then review with you our report & recommendations incl. a plan and metrics.

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Product Healthcheck

Quality, scaleability, or security issues? An ageing technology in needs of change with the minimum of disruption your business? Whether it’s .NET, Java, LAMP, or other we combine stakeholder workshops with an architecture walkthrough, statistical analysis of customer support tickets & defects, a scalability & quality lab to identify the severity and root causes of any issues. We then review our findings with you and help formulate a response plan.

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Rapid Expertise InfusionAddress Pressing Issues with a focused answer

Cloud Accelerator

Legacy products that need cloud-enablement? Developing a new service? Confused with SaaS, IaaS, PaaS,and EAAS and the degrees of multi-tenancy? This rapid analysis accelerator clarifies your requirements and provides a response with a recommended strategy highlighting pros and cons for different options and the usually ignored risks and overheads of offering a cloud service. We provide a high-level tentative architecture complete with use case driven scaleability analysis and costing model for all major providers

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Mobile strategy

Are you looking for App Store app monetisation, brand loyalty, or mobile service deliver? What is the social make up and demographics of your users? We explore these questions with you and help you answer them supporting you with comprehensive market and developer research. We relate your strategy and efforts to challenges in mobilising existing products, the current platform fragmentation, multi-factor UIs, variable performance, the challenges of cross-product development and the benefits and risks of the HTML5 option. We discuss our findings with you and devise a plan for review, facilitating the choice of a mobile development platform if needed.

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Social Computing

How do you respond to social? What do sentiment, crowd behaviour, ratings and recommendations mean for your product and services? How do you seamlessly integrate with real time messaging & collaboration. Can you benefit from social graphs? Based on the problems you solve, your business model, your competition we create our advisory report for discussion. The report focus on integration options with social platforms, use of social features to enhance a product, creating a built-in private social stackĀ 

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Technology Advisory

Social graphs, machine intelligence, Node.js, dynamic languages, NFC, etc; technology is rapidly advancing. Beyond the “cool” factor they fit well to classes of problems and have risks. Existing technologies continue to evolve, too, adding new features. It takes time to collect the facts beyond hype. We provide a rapid, reliable, and well-documented response on how a technology fits into a problem, key vendors position, known commercial implementations, adoption risks, trends and technology outlook.

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